Fifth Grade Monthly Book Report Form

Your Name: _______________________________

Due date: October 31, 2005

Title of Book: ___________________________________________

Author: _______________________________

Number of Pages: ________

This will be a monthly report, and should be done on white lined paper or typed. If written, it must be in blue or black ink. All work is to be done in sentence form in detailed paragraphs. Have someone proofread your rough draft before doing your final report, as grammar, punctuation and spelling WILL BE reflected in your grade.

***Your teacher must approve all books.

Please choose a chapter book on your reading level.

I. Summary: Write a one paragraph summary of the book.

(a minimum of 10 sentences) See the back of this sheet for an explanation. (50 points)

II: Please choose two of the following questions: These need to be at least one paragraph each. (25 points each)

1.      What is the best part of this book? or What was the worst part of this book? Why? Explain in detail.

2.      In every book there is more story to tell. In a detailed paragraph, continue the story and tell what you think may happen next.

3.      Who is the most important character in the book? Support your opinion with details.

4.      Tell in a sentence or two what lessons can be learned from the story. (Theme)

5.      What came as a surprise to you in the book? Why?

6.      Why do you think that the author wrote the book? What was he/she trying to tell the reader?

7.      What character in this book would you most like to be? Why do you feel this way?

8.      Explain why you think that the title fits the book or does not.

9.      Would you recommend this book to classmates? Why or why not?