The Lebanon Public School District is a community of learners which values an active partnership with families, school and community. Our goal is to prepare students to succeed in a global world by providing a quality and challenging education in a safe environment. There are three schools: Lebanon Elementary School, Lebanon Middle School, and Lyman Memorial High School, which includes the Lebanon Regional Agricultural Science and Technology Center. In each of the schools, academic excellence is stressed, citizenship is promoted, and community service is expected.

Meeting the needs of children is paramount in achieving our mission. Through the teamwork of outstanding teachers, administrators, and parents, students obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for college, career and life readiness in the Twenty-first Century. Lessons stress creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and the ability to think critically. In addition, students learn to be competent in communicating, evaluating, and analyzing information from a global, economic, civic, health, and ethical perspective. Our goal is to promote the highest quality instruction with continuous improvement of student learning and provide comprehensive learning opportunities for children.

Lebanon Elementary School serves children in grades pre-K through 4. The pre-K program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lebanon Middle School is comprised of grades 5 through 8. Middle school students can earn high school credit in French, Spanish and algebra. Band instruction begins in grade 5. Students at the high school level participate in either the regular education or Agricultural Science and Technology Education (ASTE) program. Lyman students enjoy a broad selection of Advanced Placement courses, as well as college partnership courses with the University of Connecticut, Three Rivers Community College, and Gateway Community College. These courses allow students to earn college credits either through duel enrolment or via placement tests.

Technology is infused into teaching and learning experiences and students apply it on a daily basis. Each school has multiple computer laboratories. Each classroom has at least one computer, and is equipped with a Smart Board. We are excited about our 1 to 1 computing initiative with Chromebooks at Lebanon Elementary School, Lebanon Middle School and Lyman Memorial High School.

Students are competitive in comparison to their counterparts on state and federal tests, including the Smarter Balanced Assessment (grades 3-8 and 11), the Science Connecticut Mastery Test (grades 5, 8) and Science Connecticut Aptitude Performance Test (grade 10), the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the American College Test. Many students are inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society for their Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.

Numerous extracurricular clubs and activities are available to students. Areas of interest include Fine and Performing Arts, Invention Convention, community service, academic and social. Students have a wide range of athletic opportunities in each sports season. Individual students and sports teams have been successful at both the league and state championship levels. Also, students in the ASTE program have received state and national honors in Future Farmers of America competitions.

The Lebanon Public School district receives much support from parents and community volunteers. Daily, volunteers can be seen in the schools helping in classrooms, libraries, etc. They also work with children and support daily lessons. Each school has an identified parent group (PTA, PA, Booster Club) that makes a difference in the lives of children by supporting educational and/or athletic initiatives through deeds and/or funding.

The facilities and grounds are safe and secure places for students to learn and grow. In addition, they are clean and well kept. Improvements are continuously being identified and addressed.

The Lebanon Public School district 2017-2018 budget is $19,053,937. This funding provides for the daily teaching and learning of students, and the overall expenditures of the district. There are 116 certified faculty and 66 noncertified staff members.

The Lebanon Public Schools is governed by an elected nine-member Board of Education. The Superintendent oversees the administration of the district. Central Office administration includes a director of curriculum, director of pupil services, technology director, facilities director and business manager. Each school is led by a principal and teacher leadership team.