Physical Examination

A 10th grade physical is required including TB assessment. Physicals need to be performed after January 1 of the calendar year the student enters 10th grade and are due before the end of the student's 10th grade year.

Students transferring from an out-of-state school must submit results from a physical exam that is less than one year old.

Students cannot enter grade 11 if they are non-compliant with the State of CT physical mandate. Please submit this paperwork immediately.


All students are required to show proof of immunization required by the State of Connecticut. Any student that does not have these immunizations will not be allowed to attend school. Students claiming religious exception must return Immunization Exemption Form to the health office prior to enrollment.


Emergency Information forms must be completed annually by parents or guardians prior to the opening of school. Incomplete or missing emergency or medical information may result in a withheld schedule. Parents or guardians must keep the information on the form up-to-date to facilitate locating parents in case of illness or emergency.


Prescribed medication should not be administered during school hours if it is possible to achieve desired effect by home administration during non-school hours. If medication has to be administered at school, we are required to follow Connecticut State Statutes. An authorized prescriber's written order containing required information is needed as well as parental/guardian permission. Medications must be delivered to the school in their prescribed containers by the parent or responsible adult. No more than a 45 day supply may be stored at the school. Forms are available in the school health office.

The only medications students may carry and self-administer in school are inhalers for asthma and/or EpiPens used for severe allergies. These medications also require a prescriber's written order and parent/guardian permission. The authorizations must be submitted to the school nurse.