Friday, November 2ND

For All 7TH & 8TH Graders (No Guests)
Admission - $5.00
Snacks will be sold.

For more information, please contact Mrs. DeLong at or Mrs. Archer at

What is a Peer Educator? What do we do?
We are students selected from the eighth grade who have the capability to assist others. Our goal is to be able to talk to anyone who needs help, and to reach out to students. We are there for any student who might not be able to solve problems on their own. We are trained to resolve disputes, and even make referrals to counselors. Also, our group will put on school activities or functions, such as school dances. We strive to be role models for everyone at LMS and the Elementary School. We are there for you, because sometimes it's easier to talk to a friend or someone your age, instead of an adult.

2018-19 Peer Educator Theme:
It's a bird, it's a, it's Your School's Peer Ed!

How Can We Help:

We can help you with these problems and more or we will refer you to someone who can help:

Bullies/Mean Spirited Behavior

Parental Relationships


Adjusting to a New School




Personal Relationships

or Any other Problems or concerns you might have. You can contact us directly or schedule an appointment through Ms. DeLong or Mrs. Archer. Anything we discuss is confidential.