lebanon public school district spotlight

The LES PTA has monthly meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30. The PTA's goal this year is to enhance student experience at LES and bring the community back after the pandemic.

They have organized over 11 family events this school year and have organized appreciation days for LES staff!

In this Superintendent Update I would like to spotlight a few of its members.

Rachael Archer and Carrie Schwartz team up to lead the LES PTA this year. Rachael is a parent to a 5th and 2nd grader while Carrie has a 1st grader and a PK learner.

Rachael has spent 6 years as an officer of the PTA and supported the school in this capacity for 7 years total. Carrie watched her mother support schools as a PTA member and was inspired to do the same. She has served as Vice President of our Lebanon Elementary PTA for two years now.

Rachael loves the community atmosphere and how family and friends alike work together to give back to our schools. Carrie appreciates how involved the teachers are and is grateful for their support.

The PTA is proud of how we have all come back together after COVID with a strong return to in person events. They are happy to see how many new families are joining in on the PTA efforts.

Rachael and Carrie look forward to continuing to support our schools through more fundraising, more fun events and doing everything they can to make LES the best school it can be!