lebanon spotlight

Mrs. Shuman has taught music in our district for 17 years. She has primarily provided music instruction to our elementary learners but has also led the chorus program at Lebanon Middle School.

Mrs. Shuman is passionate about the important role music plays in education. She also feels that understanding how to consume music is important for life outside of school. She enjoys building students background and understanding of music while also developing their skills and confidence to perform musically.

Mrs. Shuman recently conducted the 3rd grade concert on May 4th that contained some Star Wars themed music. Our learners demonstrated their acquired knowledge of how to play the recorder and xylophone during the show.

As we move into the home stretch of the school year, Mrs. Shuman will be leading our students during a band & chorus performance on May 31st. This will be the first time this year that the whole band will perform together and will feature the song "Baby Shark". The chorus will be showing off their newly acquired ability to sing in Spanish. It will no doubt be a great show, join us if you can!

Mrs. Shuman couldn't help but smile as she talked about her position. She loves how excited our students are to learn music and feels completely supported by families in our district.

Thanks Mrs. Shuman for all you do to support music in our schools!