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Darlene Loukides - School Counselor

Grade 9: A - Hignett

Grade 10: A - Lee

Grade 11: A - Kozlak

Grade 12: A - Judd

Dave Tedesco - School Counselor

Grade 9: Hiltz - Z

Grade 10: Littlefield - Z

Grade 11: Laskarzewski - Z

Grade 12: Kelley - Z

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What is a passing grade?
Any score of 60 or higher is a passing grade for any high school course and the student will earn credit for the course. Any score of 59 or lower is a failing grade and the student will not receive credit.

What grades are required for a student to earn "1st honors" and "2nd honors"?
An Honor roll is published at the end of each quarter to recognize students who have achieved high academic standing.

1st Honors: Students who receive a grade point average of 93 in all courses, no grades below 70, and do not have any "incompletes" in any of their classes.

2nd Honors: Students who receive a grade point average of 87 in all courses, no grades below a 70, and do not have any "incompletes" in any of their classes.

What are the different levels at Lyman?
AP-Advanced Placement – Rigorous course of study offers students the opportunity to gain college credit while in HS. Intensive study and independent work.

H-Honors – Designed with a very high level of academic challenge in terms of sophistication of concepts, pace and productivity.

College Preparatory – Courses which involve a high level of academic challenge and work expectations.

Modified - Pace appropriate for student mastery. Less theoretical and more experimental approach to subject matter.

Can my child receive additional help if struggling to learn the material?
Students will best be served by asking the teacher for additional time before or after school, during a free period during the school day, or during CORE.

The library is open and supervised on Mondays and Thursdays for students from 2:05 - 4:00 pm. This is an opportunity for students to access a quiet study area and extra help, as needed.

Also, the members of the National Honor Society provide tutoring services for students needing assistance. Your school counselor can help set this up.

How long does a student have to add/drop classes?
If a student has a valid reason for requesting a schedule change when school opens, an Add-Drop form must be submitted to Guidance within the first 2 weeks of school . The exception to this rule is the World Language Dept. and AP classes which extended their timeline until 1 st progress reports at the 5 week mark. Add-Drop forms are available on the high school web page at this link, and in the Guidance office.

What happens if my student wants to drop a class after the first two weeks?
Any course drop or change in level after the first 2 weeks of the course, with the exception of World Lang. and AP courses, will require the permission of the parent, teacher, department chair and administration. The student will then be subject to a “grade” of a withdrawal/fail or a W/F as a final grade for the course.

Is parental permission required for a student to add/drop a class?
Add/Drop forms must be submitted to a Guidance Counselor. Signatures from a parent/guardian, teacher, and department chair approving the student request may be required. All academic requests and level changes need to be approved by a parent.

Is my student eligible for National Honor Society?
Membership to NHS is selective and limited to Juniors and Seniors. In order for students to be eligible for admission they must have an overall 85 average and a minimum of 14 on the quality point matrix. Please see NHS advisors with any further questions.

Is my student's grade point average and class rank weighted or unweighted?
Grade point average is an unweighted average. Class rank is a weighted rank. For specific information on GPA and class rank, please contact your child's counselor.

How/where can my student find available scholarships?
The guidance office maintains a scholarship binder that holds national and state scholarships as well as a few local community organization scholarships. It is organized by month and specific due dates. Students can check out the binder and a make copies as needed.

Students can also visit scholarship sites such as to do scholarship searches – NEVER pay for scholarship searches/services. There are many free search sites out there that will give you many scholarship results. A good site to start with is fastweb.com.

Will someone help prepare my child for college visits and interviews?

Yes, your child's school counselor meets with every student at least once each year to discuss college and career goals, as well as for academic advisement needs. Guidance on how to create college lists for both visits and application purposes is discussed. If your child would like to do a mock interview with his/her counselor, we are happy to make these arrangements.

How do I obtain homework for my student if they are absent from school?
Please call the main office Attendance Line, if you want to request homework for your child due to multiple absences. The staff will request work from teachers and collect it for you in the Main Office.

If your student is going to be out for an extended period of time, i.e. vacation, college visit, and knows about it ahead of time, please have your student request work from their teachers independently. It is always a good idea for students to touch base with their teachers after an absence.

How will I know when Guidance is sponsoring events?
The Guidance Office will post events on the daily announcements, as well as in the daily bulletin and on Facebook. Parents are encouraged to register for Parent Portal to view these daily bulletins. Guidance newsletters with updates and pertinent information are sent out quarterly with report cards. Students are always encouraged to stop in the Guidance Office to keep updated on all events.